Corpsing: Eddie Peake in collaboration with Emma Fisher, Gwilym Gold and Kieram Corrin Mitchell

We were really lucky to attend to the performance Corpsing organized by La Casa Encendida in Madrid, as part of the exhibition Transmissions from the Etherspace, curated by João Laia.

Naked bodies painted in gold dancing all around the courtyard with live music. Some people said it was too vanguardist, we really loved it.

Thanks La Casa encendida for letting us enjoy this kind of shows.

Eddie Peake’s work focuses on the lapses and voids that emerge in the process of translating between verbal language and non-verbal forms of communication. That research materialises in spectacles where the absurd and the erotic each find their place and in which the artist plays a central role.

We have also filmed some pieces of the performance, sorry about the quality and the vertical view, we have done it with a phone for the instagram stories, but after we have decided to uploaded here. Enjoy the beauty.

Photos and videos by Brava!